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Taking students and career seekers places they never thought possible!

For Education

With CareerViewXR, educators are taking students places they never thought possible. From the top of a wind turbine to the inside of a police squad car, CareerViewXR brings job tours to the classroom with engaging, accessible experiences for all grades and learning styles. 

Teachers, career advisors, CTE instructors, and all other professionals in the field of education - CareerViewXR content is crafted with you and your students in mind!

For Employers

With CareerViewXR, employers can now take potential prospects through a day in the life at their organization. High-interaction, engaging experiences provide future candidates an opportunity to look into what their life could be like working for their organization.

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Beyond Perkins V: How to get your CTE Program Funded

07 June 2024

While the Perkins V Act is a well-known source of funding, there are various other avenues that schools can explore to enhance their CTE initiatives. This article dives into a variety of funding methods that can provide the necessary finances to elevate and expand your offerings.

Exploring Perkins V

06 June 2024

Every year, the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act, commonly referred to as Perkins V, disperses funding for career and technical education in US schools. Learn more about the history of this act, eligible expenses, and more in this article.

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