CareerViewXR experiences use 360-degree technology to produce accessible, interactive web-based tours and companion virtual reality videos that get viewers into the heart of a career. Students love getting up close and personal with our experiences, having fun, and learning about high-demand industries, such as healthcare, skilled trades, energy, and more.

Students can explore dozens of experiences for less than the cost of taking a single class on a field trip. No permission slips are needed!

Becoming a Member of the CVXR Community

Subscribers gain 24/7 access to the full library of web-based experiences, VR video downloads to keep forever, and statistics on how experiences are being used at your location. By subscribing, schools and organizations also help support the production of new experiences for students and job seekers to explore for years to come. To learn more about subscribing your school or organization, contact us today.

Need Help with Costs?

The CVXR platform is an eligible expense for ESSER, Perkins, and other funds and grants that allow spend on career exploration. We are so grateful for these programs that allow us to get more students exposed to potential life-long careers.


What Do You Need To Get Started?

While you can access the platform's content with a VR headset, you don’t need one to enjoy our experiences. CareerViewXR is compatible with the devices you already have in your classroom-including computers, smartphones, tablets, smartboards, and more, making it more accessible than many VR career exploration solutions.

Who Can Be a Subscriber?

  • Rural and urban school districts 
  • Education & Training Co-Ops 
  • Colleges and universities 
  • Registered Apprentice Programs 
  • Career Service Agencies 
  • Companies with paid training programs 
  • Any organization that wants to get CareerViewXR into the hands of students and job seekers 

What does your CareerViewXR Membership include?

  • Your CareerViewXR membership includes creative, engaging, immersive, and versatile web-based content on the CareerViewXR platform, including all new experiences as they are added at no additional cost.
  • Virtual reality video files to load onto your VR devices. These are yours to keep, even if you don’t renew your subscription
  • Training resources, support, and advice from the CVXR team on how to effectively implement in the classroom.
  • Opportunities to contribute your voice to our production planning and development of new experiences.
  • Sample lesson plans and student engagement ideas for some experiences (coming soon).
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