What does your CareerViewXR Membership include?

  • Your CareerViewXR Membership Includes Creative, engaging, immersive, and versatile web-based content on the CareerViewXR platform, including all new experiences as they are added at no additional cost.
  • Virtual reality video files to load onto your VR devices. These are yours to keep, even if you don’t renew your subscription
  • Training resources, support, and advice from the CVXR team on how to effectively implement in the classroom.
  • Opportunities to contribute your voice to our production planning and development of new experiences.
  • Sample lesson plans and student engagement ideas for some experiences (coming soon).
Qualified Service Provider picture
New experience

Qualified Service Provider

Like navigators guiding a ship through treacherous waters, caregivers steer their patients towards the safe harbor of health and happiness. They are compassionate and patient every moment of the day, from the moment they walk through a client’s door, through daily chores and to offering companionship and spending quality time together.

Occupational Therapist picture
New experience

Occupational Therapist

​Witness real-life success stories of clients working with occupational therapists guiding their clients through a life-changing therapeutic journey.

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