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Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineers are experts in optimizing the extraction of oil and gas from the Earth. Follow along and learn more about the oil industry with Creedence Energy Services in Williston, ND.

Respiratory Therapist

Take a deep breath! Follow Respiratory Therapists through a day of working with patients at CHI St. Alexius Health in Devils Lake, ND.

Police Officer

Hop in the squad car and go on an adventure in this job shadow experience. Experience a day in the life of these professionals working with Fargo Police Department in Fargo, ND.

Automotive Technician

Interested in learning more about the automotive industry? This experience immerses you in the day-to-day of various Automotive Service Technicians at Devils Lake Cars in Devils Lake, ND.


Experience a day in the life of Williston-based plumber Denis Tefts as he travels around town to fix, maintain, and examine various plumbing systems.

Dental Assistant

Experience the day-to-day of the SmileQuest Dental team of dental assistants as they interact with patients and assist dentists in various procedures.

Construction Project Manager

Follow the FCI Constructor’s construction management teams across Williston, ND, and the surrounding counties to learn more about what it takes to be in the construction industry.

Diesel Technician (Heavy Equipment)

Diesel Technicians are used in a variety of industries, including heavy machinery. This experience takes you through the General Equipment & Supplies facility in Williston, ND.


Follow three electricians at various stages in their careers as they work in and around Williston, ND, for L&K Electric to maintain multiple electrical infrastructures.

Wind Turbine Technician

Wind Turbine Technicians brave tall heights to install and maintain wind turbines. Follow technicians from NextEra Energy Resources on site and visit the technician program at Lake Region State College.


Explore the Industrial Equipment/Badlands Steel facilities with welders Brent and Brandon. You’ll learn about the various welding projects created each day and the importance of safety when fabricating materials together.


Take a bird’s eye view of a construction site through the lens of an ironworker.

Elevator Constructors

Learn how an elevator is designed, installed, and maintained in this immersive CareerViewXR experience.

Diesel Technician (Agriculture)

Take a tour of the High Plains Equipment facility in Devils Lake, ND, while also following diesel technician Chris Moe throughout his day.

Dental Hygienist

Follow the Johnson Family Dentistry team and see a day in the life of a dental hygienist, while also exploring advanced technologies and practices utilized by the team.


Explore the various careers and trades inside the Painters and Allied Trades Union.


Learn how building frames are created on a construction site through this Carpenters Union experience.

Pipe Fitter

Explore how welding and plumbing meet through this pipe fitter experience.


Immerse yourself in a unique training opportunity with the Laboring Trades Union.


Explore the day-in-the-life work of a member of the Electrician’s Union.


Learn how homes and buildings stay warm through the installation of insulation material.

Operating Engineer

Learn what it takes to be in the Operating Engineers Trades Union through this CareerViewXR experience.


Learn about the hands-on career of a bricklayer through a series of exciting training sessions.

Sprinkler Fitter

Fire suppression systems are placed in buildings to extinguish fires before they cause harm. Discover how skilled Sprinkler Fitters install them in this experience created with North Dakota's Building Trades Unions and North Dakota CTE.


First responders like Paramedics provide life-saving care to those who need it most. Hop in the ambulance and follow a journey filmed with Sanford Ambulance in Fargo, ND.

Dietary Services

Good nutrition is vital to keeping patients happy and healthy. View the steps Dietary Service staff take to prepare meals for hospital and nursing patients at Northwood Deaconess Health Center in Northwood, ND.

Clinical Lab Technician

Clinical Lab Technicians carefully perform tests that are integral for providing the best patient care. In this job shadow, you’ll follow a Lab Tech’s typical routine while working at First Care Health Center in Park River, ND.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers use imaging technology to identify and monitor patient conditions. Observe a day-in-the-life of these healthcare professionals at Essentia Health in Fargo, ND.

Tire Industry

Vehicles of all varieties need proper tires and maintenance before hitting the road. Learn about the spread of career professionals that work for Northwest Tire’s various locations in North Dakota.

Registered Nurse

Registered Nurses (RNs) are proficient in providing patient care. Explore a variety of responsibilities that different RNs perform at Unity Medical Center in Grafton, ND.

Meat Cutter

Meat Cutters carefully prepare a variety of meat products for sale. Check out their duties in this job shadow at Butcher Block Meats in Mandan, ND.

Routine Power Outage

It's all hands on deck during a routine power outage at Minnkota Power Cooperative in Center, ND! Get a rare glimpse into a coal power plant while various skilled workers perform upkeep and maintenance in this field trip.


From big to small, veterinarians care for all kinds of animals in need. Follow veterinarians through a busy day at New Salem Veterinary Clinic in New Salem, ND.

Parts Person

Maintenance and repairs can only be performed if the right parts are on hand, and Parts People make that possible! Learn about the responsibilities these professionals have in this job shadow created with General Equipment & Supplies in North Dakota.

Aggregate Technician

Aggregate Technicians maintain and repair powerful equipment that breaks down material into smaller pieces. Get ready to watch these pros crush it in the shop and in the field with General Equipment & Supplies in North Dakota.

Baker (Food Manufacturing)

Something smells delicious! Learn how Bakers at Baker Boy in Dickinson, ND create a variety of tasty baked goods for wholesale.

Ethanol Production Plant

Follow corn's journey from the field to the fuel tank in this field trip at Midwest Ag Energy's Dakota Spirit biorefinery in Spiritwood, North Dakota

Computer Hardware & IT

Computers are used in so many aspects of our lives, including education, business, and entertainment. Learn about the various professionals that work together to sell and service technology in this field trip at ByteSpeed in Moorhead, MN.

Swine Facility

In this field trip, you'll learn how animal caretakers nurture piglets and adult pigs! Follow them around the farm with NDSU Animal Sciences in Fargo, ND.

Dairy Farm

Ever wondered how the milk in your fridge came to be there? See some of the daily tasks performed by animal caretakers at Pay-Dak Dairy near Towner, ND in this field trip created with NDSU Animal Sciences.

HVAC Technician

Stay chill as you shadow HVAC Techs solving problems on campus with NDSU Facilities Management! These multi-skilled individuals have experience with heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Let's get rolling! Heavy Equipment Operators maneuver large machinery around construction sites to make big things happen. Watch Operators hard at work at the site of Fargo Park's Sports Complex being built by McGough Construction.

Underground Plumber

Underground Plumbers specialize in plumbing of water and sanitary lines that are located underground. Watch a waste line being laid in this experience filmed on the site of Fargo Park's Sports Complex built by McGough Construction.

Diversion Project

Flooding is no match for massive diversion channels! Explore this field trip following professionals from Ames Construction as they move earth and begin setting structures for a 30-mile long channel to divert flooding in the Red River Valley.

Precast Installation

Construction teams make installing precast pieces look easy! Precast installation involves the lifting and securing of enormous concrete wall and flooring sections, almost like assembling giant building blocks. Watch a crew install these massive pieces on the site of Fargo Park's Sports Complex built by McGough Construction.

Concrete Worker

There is concrete proof that these workers are masters! Concrete workers form, pour, and finish wet concrete for curbs, foundations, roads, sidewalks, and other applications. Follow the crew during construction of Fargo Park's Sports Complex built by McGough Construction.

Custom Sign Printing Shop

Custom signage helps businesses stand out from the crowd! Learn about the various creative and skilled team members that work together to bring signs, vehicle wraps, and other custom products to life at Sign Badgers in West Fargo, ND.

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