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Do I need a VR headset to use the platform?

No, having a VR headset is not required to use CareerViewXR’s experiences. Viewers can access the entire library of web-based tour content using laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other similar internet-connected devices. In a classroom/group setting, we have found that sharing the screen of a single device using a projector or smartboard is an effective way to get an entire room engaged in the same experience. While a headset is not required, we recommend trying out the companion VR videos to immerse in the scenes fully.

What’s the difference between a CVXR field trip and a CVXR job shadow?

Thanks for asking! Simply put, our job shadow experiences follow a single career through a typical day of work. These may follow an individual or a few professionals holding the same position. CVXR field trip experiences, on the other hand, showcase a workplace and the various careers that help that business or organization run. In both, we emphasize capturing real people doing work in natural environments!

Do I need an internet connection?

Yes and no! While our web-based tours do require internet access, our companion VR videos do not require it. As long as you have downloaded the video files onto your VR headset prior, you can have fun exploring careers without the need for wifi!

How much does a subscription cost?

Our subscription pricing varies based on school or organization size. Currently, we are featuring a promotional $2 per student/user per year price point. We have a 250-user minimum per subscription. Questions or concerns around pricing? We are more than happy to discuss and see how we can help.

Note: CareerViewXR is an eligible expense for ESSER, Perkins, and other similar education grants.

How much does a VR headset cost?

Simple answer: it varies! Better solution: out of the headsets we recommend, a single headset can run anywhere between $299-$1,300. See the next question for our headsets of choice. While you can find cheaper and more expensive setups on the market, the models we suggest have been tested by us and proven to meet our quality expectations while keeping affordability in mind. We recommend checking out our hardware partner Bytespeed for your headset needs.

Do you have any recommendations for VR headsets?

We have a few different recommendations for VR headsets: Oculus Quest 2 (Now known as the Meta Quest 2), HTC Vive Focus 3, and HTC Vive Focus Plus. Looking to purchase? Check out our hardware partner Bytespeed for your headset needs. Tell them we sent you!


I have an idea for an excellent CVXR experience! Will you create it?

Maybe! We welcome suggestions and feedback to help us make CareerViewXR a better platform. We typically have a roadmap of experiences we’d like to capture, but if we have an opportunity to capture unique suggested experiences, we will try to do so! Check out our current production roadmap here.

How long can I access the platform with a subscription?

CareerViewXR currently offers yearly subscriptions. So if you subscribe once, you can access the web-based content 24/7 for 365 days!

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